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“I’m asked all the time who makes a great Home Inspector and my answer never changes. It is a critical balance of knowledge, expertise, and communication skills. There are no shortage of ‘expert’ Home Inspectors but expertise alone is wasted without the ability to communicate. Our home inspectors are the best and I promise that you will be thrilled with your home inspection.”

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Solid State performs a thorough inspection with special attention to detail to ensure safety in your home. I would strongly recommend them as they are client focused and very professional.

- Chad & Katrina -House Inspection in Abbotsford

Subject-to-Inspection or Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

This is the most common inspection for Solid State home inspectors. Your purchase offer in a real estate agreement very often has a 'subject-to-inspection' clause. We come in, inspect the home you are looking to purchase, and help you understand what maintenance and upcoming service may be required for this home.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Give your home the opportunity to show its best to potential buyers. Nobody likes a surprise in the final moments of a purchase agreement, that there may be a deficiency in your home and the buyer wants hundreds or thousands off your negotiated price to fix the issues. A pre-listing inspection will give you the knowledge to fix small problems or be ready to negotiate them up-front when you are in control of the selling situation.

New Home Construction or Pre-Delivery Home Inspection

Unlike cars and computers, new homes are not built on assembly lines and there may be anything from minor deficiencies (sticking doors) to major life safety hazards (missing handrails). A Solid State home inspector is trained to catch these deficiencies and can ensure you get what you paid for in your new home.

Landlord Rental Home Inspection

Rental properties are a great way to build your personal wealth. No matter if you are a local owner or manage a property from out of town, a Solid State Home Inspection can give you an update on your propery to ensure your rental is safe and ready for occupancy. Ask us about our semi-annual Landlord's Inspection service.

Pre/Post Renovation Home Inspection

If you are spending thousands of dollars on your home renovation, a Solid State home inspector can help in two ways. First, we can help you identify what to prioritize in your renovation based on the ages of components and impact to other areas of the home. Second, we can ensure the work completed by your contractors is safe and complete. Solid State Home Inspections offers a package price on pre and post inspections to make this process more economical.