New House from $399


New House Delivery Walk-Through Inspection: $399.99 - Book Today and we pay the GST

Our inspectors will do a complete inspection on your new home looking for defects in construction and safety hazards before you even move in. In the first year of your new home warranty the builder is to repair all deficiencies at their expense so this is the best time to get things fixed right and save money in the future.

  •  8 Major System House Inspection done to the Home Inspectors Association Standards of Practice
    •  Electrical, Plumbing, Structure, Heating & Cooling, Roofing, Interior, Insulation and Ventilation, Fireplaces
  • Solid State Exclusive - Home Owner's Manual with system life cycles, maintenance schedule, and top articles from our home inspectors on commonly found inspection concerns
  • Price above covers features of most typical homes*
    • Extra Suite Package - $75 for additional Kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms, appliances, entrances, and tenant safety features. $75 price covers up to 2 additional suites.

Don’t let a builder tell you to skip the inspection, see this list of builder defects we have found in new homes.

Every Solid State House Inspection Includes:

Click each to learn more. We go out of our way to make your house inspection great.

House Inspection Additional Services

Get even more piece of mind with specialized inspection services from our expert house inspectors.

List of Inspected Components (over 200 actual items checked)

  • House Structure Inspection
    •  Foundation 
    •  Framing 
  • House Exterior Inspection
    • Exterior wall covering, flashing and trim.
    • All exterior doors
    • Attached decks, balconies and steps.
    • Porches and railings
    • Eaves, soffits and fascias
    • Grading, surface drainage and vegetation.
    • Retaining walls that could adversely affect the building.
    • Driveways, walkways and patios
  • House Roofing Inspection
    • Roof covering
    • Roof drainage system.
    • Flashings
    • Skylights, chimneys and roof penetrations.
  • House Pluming Inspection
    • Interior water supply and distribution system
    • Faucets and fixtures
    • Drain, waste and vent systems
    • Water heaters
    • Vent systems, flues and chimneys
    • Fuel supply distribution and storage systems.
    • Drainage sumps, sump pumps and related piping
  • House Electrical Inspection
    • Utility Service 'drop'
    • Service entrance conductors, cables and raceways
    • Service equipment and main disconnects
    • Service grounding
    • Interior components of service and sub panels
    • Conductors
    • Over current protection devices
    • Lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles
    • Ground fault circuit interrupters
    • Arc Fault Interrupters
  • House Heating Inspection
    • Installed heating equipment (e.g. Furnaces, Boilers)
    • Vent systems, flues and chimneys
  • House Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Inspection
    • Central air conditioning/Heat Pump
    • Through the wall air conditioning
  • House Interior Inspection
    • Walls, ceilings and floors
    • Steps, stairways, balconies and railings.
    • Countertops and cabinets
    • Interior doors and windows
    • Garage passage doors and vehicle doors and safety mechanisms
  • House Insulation and Ventilation Inspection
    • Visible insulation and vapour barriers
    • Ventilation of attics and foundation areas
    • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Systems
    • System components
    • Vent systems, flues and chimneys