Housing Inspections for Seasonal Workers

Solid State is pleased to be a Certified Inspector meeting the requirements of ‘Service Canada and Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC) for temporary foreign worker (TFW) housing inspections.

2017 Inspections Are Now Available

Temporary Foreign Worker

TFW housing inspections are designed to ensure safe, dignified, and useful accommodations for guest workers in Canada. Solid State Inspections is proud to be one of the companies offering these inspections for our clients.

Some common areas of concern with TFW housing include:

  • Missing rodent proof garbage containers (mandatory in kitchens)
  • Insufficient clearance of beds from floor (8” required)
  • Non-Functional Fire Safety Equipment

The BC seasonal worker inspection form also specifies the number of occupants that can live in a single accommodation based on the following schedule:

  • 7 Workers per Shower
  • 7 Workers per Toilet
  • 7 Workers per Sink in Washrooms
  • 6 Workers per Oven or Stove
  • 6 Workers per Fridge
  • Minimum 80q ft per worker in total living space (approx. 9ft by 9ft)
  • Minimum 300cu ft per worker in bedroom space (approx. 6ft by 6ft with an 8’ ceiling)

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