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Our Commercial Division inspectors have been trained in Commercial Building Inspections from small strata offices to the largest of industrial and commercial buildings. With Commercial Inspections, we know these are business decisions and we will provide reports that clearly communicate important safety concerns for clients and staff, the necessary immediate updates a commercial building may need.

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Small Building Commercial Inspection (Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouses)

For strata units or full buildings under four stories, our custom Property Condition Report (PCR) can be booked with as little as 24-48 hours notice and digital reports are often available the same day as the inspection. All commercial inspections go beyond ASTM E 2018-08 field inspection and reporting standards with fast report delivery at a reasonable cost for small or medium sized businesses.

Our complete report includes a review of all major components, including:

  • Site Review (Drainage, Vegetation, walkways, etc)
  • Parking (Paved Surfaces, property accesses, curbs, parking structures)
  • Building Structure
  • Exteriors (Walls, Doors, Windows)
  • Electrical Review (Electrical Supply, Distribution)
  • Roofing Review (Roofing Type, Condition Report)
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • Plumbing (Fresh Water, Domestic Water Heating, Storm Waste, Sanitary Waste)
  • Life Safety (emergency exits, corridors, stairwells, signage)
  • Elevator/Escalator Operation
  • On-Site interviews with personal knowledgable about the building included in the report
  • Colour photos of installed equipment, building interiors and exterior, and concerns discovered in the inspection

Here are some samples of our Commercial inspection Expertise, for samples of actual inspection reports, visit our Commercial Inspection Website at

Common customers for these services are:

  • Purchasers of strata commercial units
  • Commercial Real Estate Investors (both those occupying and outside investors)
  • Industrial customers for specific use applications
  • Warehouse customers looking for increased space, improved location, or unique building features

Large Building Property Condition Assessment

If you are purchasing, leasing, financing, selling, or doing long term planning on a commercial property you need a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) to provide basic property information, condition, and cost estimates for major repairs and replacements. A full scale Solid State Commercial Inspection is done to ASTM Standard E 2018-08 which is accepted by major financial institutions for financing needs. 

Commercial inspections may require the use of specialists and consultants and typically take at least 10 business days to produce. Call our office for more information and to request a proposal.

Commercial Inspection Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What types of inspections are commercial inspections?

Commercial buildings take many different shapes such as:

  • Retail Units
  • Warehouses
  • Church's and other places of worship
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Malls and Strip Malls
  1. How do we bill commercial inspections?

Our inspection billing is based on the amount of field time estimated to complete the site inspection (minimum 1/2 day) plus the cost to prepare the inspection report. This pricing model usually finds us quite competitive with others in the industry who charge per square foot which often means warehouse clients overpay for inspectors to inspect empty air.

For more FAQ's and information on our Commercial Inspection Services, visit our Commercial Inspection Website at

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