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About the Author

James Bell, Author


Founder of Solid State Inspections and Author of 7 Home Inspection Books and published in numerous magazines and newspapers.

James Bell, Founder of Solid State Home Inspections, holds a Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University and spent nearly two decades creating product lines and marketing goods and services from the head offices of Radio Shack, Best Buy, and Future Shop.

Wanting to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur and seeing an opportunity to improve the client experience in the home inspection industry, James Bell started Honesty and Integrity Investigations in 2009 and in 2012 re-branded and launched as Solid State Home Inspections. James is a Registered Home Inspector (AHI) which is the highest level of membership with the Home Inspectors Association (BC).

James has gone onto become an authority on home inspections in BC with 7 written books, hundreds of blog articles, regular radio interviews, trade journal publications, and resources for other home inspectors.

Additional Books

James does not only write for clients, he also produces a wide range of inspector business and training materials. See the full list of his books below (sorry, these are inexpensive, but not free);.

What Other Home Inspection Experts are saying about James' Writing:

A very thorough article as usual James. It shows the hidden details that home inspectors perform, most of which will not be published in the home inspection report unless there is an issue. 

- Gordon Kay, RHI via Linked In

Love your posts. Always good to read just for refresher info. Thanks!!! 

- Dave H. via Linked In

I just read you Inspecting Laundry Rooms article, very good. Do you have an article on what / how to test Kitchen appliances? 

- Roger S. Certified Professional Inspector via email from Linked In Post

(Roger got a free copy of A Home Inspectors Guide to Kitchens to answer his question)

Very Informative article James…. I will now make sure to look more closely for this safety flaw. Thanks

- Inspector Holmes Home Inspections via Linked In

Keep them coming James. I read all of your information you post. Great for refreshing my mind with items I may over look from time to time.

- Inspector Dave Hein via Linked In

Good post, thank you.

- Inspector Rick Ramirez via Linked In

Another good one James.

- Inspector Steve Klassen via Linked In