Favorite Summer Pastimes

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The following article was published in Snap Coquitlam's July Paper.

As I watch my children intermittently play in the backyard (between bouts of rain) I think it may be safe to finally declare another Coquitlam summer has arrived. Of course, after living here eight years, I know that is no guarantee of any good weather but it should at least mean a few more short sleeved shirt days than in January. 

When I grew up in the Prairies, summer always meant my family could finally cast off the shackles of winter and finally engage in our favorite pastime, fixing up the house and property and generally getting ready for another winter. I'm not really certain why that was our favorite pastime because I preferred camping in the mountains, but far more time was spent weeding gardens and painting trim than camping so we must have liked maintenance more.

Back to my backyard in Coquitlam though, the cycle of maintenance has already started. There is trim to be painted, soffit grills to reattach (as soon as those pesky birds move out), and this may be the year I replace some of the 30 year old stucco which is showing its age.

As a Home Inspector, I have the chance to see a lot of homes and I can quickly tell which have had regular maintenance and which have had maintenance neglected for a while. Generally, maintenance does not cost that much when it is regularly done, however, if it is left too long, it can become a major expense and possibly an emergency repair which can carry huge costs. These costs are one of the reasons having a home inspection is important when taking over someone else's home.

If you have not done so yet this year, take a walk around your home and look from the roof to the ground on all sides. Make note of any peeling or faded paint for re-painting; don't forget the wood trim behind the gutters. Is your siding in good shape? Patch any holes, or paint as needed. Are your soffit covers in place? They are usually easy to fix. Is your roof going to survive another winter? Depending on your home design and location, there could be many more maintenance areas to look at. If you are not comfortable with this process, call in a local handyman or home inspector to give you some advice. The money spent now on regular maintenance and advice could save you thousands in unplanned future emergency repairs. 

At least now, as my kids get older, I can pass on these family summer traditions so another generation of Bell children don't waste their summer vacation camping in the mountains and can make the most out of their summer break helping keep the house looking great!

By James Bell - Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc.