River Springs November Newspaper

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Another fantastic summer and fall came and went around River Springs and we really had some amazing weather in our community; if you don’t include Halloween night’s monsoon that is. One of the certainties of the upcoming season for us now though is dealing with the 100-inches of rain that falls along the North Shore Mountains every rainy season.

The biggest enemy of our homes is water. Water is what allows mould and rot to grow and even in our rainy winters, there is enough warmth outside on an average day to speed up the organic deterioration. It’s pretty clear, when you look at the fallen trees in the forest outside our doors, what will happen to our wooden homes if we don’t try and protect them.

Here are 5 areas around your home that need to be well maintained to keep our homes warm and dry:

  • Roof - I’ve written on roofs a few times this year, largely as so many of our roofs are over 30 years old and are now due for a second replacement since they were built. If your roof is over 15 years old, know who you are going to call if a roof leak develops this season.
  • Property - Our land here is very flat but all the streets and properties slope towards drainage. Watch for areas of water puddling on your property and see if you can direct the water to flow safely to appropriate drainage. We need to keep this water away from our houses.
  • Structure - Don’t let standing water sit along the perimeter of your house. Water has a nasty way of finding its way into places it should not be. Even without basements, our homes have buried heat vents, plumbing, and electrical that should not be immersed in water. Help water find a drainage path away from the home.
  • Exterior Walls - When rain water falls onto concrete walkways, it can bounce back up 6” high and wick its way into the underside of our walls. This water will attack the structure of our homes like the sill plates and stud framing causing massive hidden damage. Adding overhangs over walkways is a great way to keep water away from our homes.
  • Condensation - With the cold weather comes colder air. When household air carrying moisture from showers, breathing, and cooking hits cold surfaces like windows, skylights, and uninsulated surfaces, it will ‘condensate’ and leave water droplets which will cause interior damage. Use fans and windows in bathrooms and kitchens to exhaust some of the high levels of moisture to prevent damage.

My family loves living in River Springs and as I look at our community’s mature homes, I know it will take the cumulative care of all home owners to keep our property values high so River Springs will continue to be a desirable community to live in. There is no such thing as a maintenance free home and a little preventive maintenance now could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses in the future. 

The article above was printed in the November 2012 River Springs Community Newspaper.

By James Bell - Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc.