Snow Shovel Solid State Home Inspections

Winter is about maintaining the preparation you did for fall and correcting any deficiencies that develop. This is not a time when you want your furnace to fail or pipes to freeze as it is much more expensive to have repaired as an emergency and it could be uncomfortable or dangerous for you and your house to be without heat.

Regular home maintenance is necessary to avoid major unexpected costs. Maintenance left undone can be a major detriment to a homes value in the future and creates a lot of red flags in a Home Inspection.

This maintenance list is not exhaustive or tailored to your home but is a good place to help you get started on maintaining your home:

  • A Special note about Strata’s
    • If you are in a strata, many common exterior maintenance items are covered by your strata fees. We have highlighted common items covered by strata management with a “

Winter Maintenance

  • Change forced air furnace filters and HRV filters every 6-8 weeks during the heating season
  • Clean or change the filters on your humidifier regularly and ensure it is getting good water supply and responding to humidistat controls
    • Do not allow water to drip from your humidifier onto your furnace. It could rust out your furnace elements prematurely
  • Make sure outside lighting has working bulbs for the dark season
  • Keep Christmas lights safe by ensuring cords run safely and connections are not allowed to stand in water
  • Ensure water running off roof systems is correctly draining away from the building
  • Operate kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to avoid any moisture buildup (moisture on windows could indicate moisture is getting into your walls which will cause rot and deterioration of the building)
  • During snowfall periods, ensure all air intakes/outputs are free of snow and that snow and ice do not block perimeter drainage (e.g. drains on patios or at the bottom of exterior stairwells)

Regular Maintenance

These areas of your home should be checked as frequently as possible regardless of the season.

  • Ensure you have fire extinguishers charged and in proximity to the kitchen 
  • Regularly check stair handrails and all guardrails to ensure they are secure and can hold an adult’s bodyweight in a fall
  • Test your smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed
  • Test your ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)’s on your breaker panel or at each outlet to ensure they trip correctly when the test button is pressed.
  • Ensure all your home’s air intakes and exhausts (e.g. dryer vents, furnace air intakes) are not blocked ✪
  • Check and clean the filters in your range hood and ensure the vents are not blocked
  • Replace your furnace filter every 6-8 weeks during heating season and during cooling season if you have central A/C or a heat pump
  • For hot water or steam heating systems, check your expansion tank to ensure it has not become water logged
  • During or after any prolonged rain period, check to ensure drains and weather seals are keeping or draining water as needed to protect your home ✪
  • Monitor caulking in kitchen and baths and maintain as needed

If you have any concerns about maintaining your home in winter, consider calling in your local home inspector to help you learn about your home and regular maintenance.

By James Bell - Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc.