Inspection Mirror

A home inspection is a visual inspection and tools that aid our visual ability are a huge help to Home Inspectors. A very common tool for many home inspectors is a small mirror that can provide visibility into hard to see spaces like behind appliances or reading data plates on poorly positioned hot water tanks.

Inspection mirrors are available at most small tools retailers for $10-$20 and compacted, they are not much bigger than a screwdriver. They are found in  two common mirror shapes, rectangular and round. There are no right and wrong choices in size or shape for the mirror but a larger surface area can reveal more to an inspector. Of course too large a mirror may not fit into small spaces so 3" in any dimension is likely the usable maximum size.

Heat Exchanger Examination

Many Home Inspectors use these mirrors for examining heat exchangers which is a risk as even with the inspection mirror, usually less than 20% of the heat exchanger is visible. Standards of practice exclude inspection of the heat exchanger as it is not readily visible and inspectors should be careful not to give the impression to clients they are able to inspect this critical component.

Final Thoughts

Inspection mirrors are a very versatile tool in the home inspectors kit and can be a big help when visibility is reduced. Paired with a great flashlight, a mirror will allow inspectors to report on things clients cannot see and this will always help our clients know their home is safe and solid.

By James Bell - Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc.