Live Wire Tester

non contact electrical tester horizontal solid state home inspections

The non-contact electrical tester is not a required tool for conducting home inspections but it is a possible life saving tool for home inspectors and clients.

One of the worst safety hazards home inspectors regularly find are live electrical wires that have been left exposed. Common areas to find these wires are under sinks, often meant for a missing sink disposal, in open electrical boxes, or even hanging out from walls or ceilings. Live electrical wires are a life safety hazard for home inspectors, home occupants, and particularly children who may not understand the hazards.

Non-contact electrical testers can detect live AC voltage from a few inches away and can confirm for inspectors if an electrical line is live or not. Knowing this can both keep an inspector safe and allow them to characterize the urgency of repairs. All exposed wiring needs to be safely corrected (or removed) by an electrician however live wires present an urgent life safety concern that may need to be dealt with immediately.

A non-contact AC tester is about the size of a pen and and costs less than $20. Every home inspector should carry one of these devices with their tools to help keep ourselves and our clients safe.

By James Bell - Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc.