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Being a great home inspector is 50% about knowledge and expertise, and 50% about communication of that expertise to our clients. Our inspectors are continually learning and sharing their knowledge about home inspections topics to better serve our clients and our communities.

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James the College Instructor

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’ve joined the faculty at Ashton College to teach some of the excellent training materials I’ve developed …

Microwave Oven Install Options


Microwave ovens, like their cousin the range hood, are an often overlooked yet essential kitchen appliance. They are often not given a lot …

New Service -Express Condo Inspections

Condo Floorplan

Complete Condominium Inspections in about 1-hour

Condominiums are more popular than ever in the Lower Mainland. Today, condos and townhouses …

What is Wrong With My ‘Old’ Furnace

Home Inspection Gas Burners

In order to heat our homes, we require two basic things: An energy source (like natural gas or electricity) and a distribution method (like …

Building Permits and Changes


The following article is a new excerpt from the upcoming second edition of my “Home Owners Manual” for Houses.

When a home is built, it falls …

Invalid Roof Guarantees

50 year asphalt roof

Your roof is one of the most important systems of your home. It is your first line of defence against two natural enemies of your home… water …

Momentum Changes in the Market


Professional Economists and fair-ground fortune tellers are often largely correct about the same amount of the time when it comes to the future. …

New Home Inspector Rules


Home Inspection has been a licensed business in BC for about 6 years now and it seems the BC Government is always up for a bit more tinkering …

A Generation of Problem Houses


The rise in Vancouver (and area) real estate prices has been all over the news cycles this year as homes become unaffordable for city residents …

Join the 300-Member Home Inspectors Association

Being a Home Inspector is a profession, not just a job. There was a time when to be a home inspector all you needed was a business card and …

Choosing to Live in the Tri-Cities

Lafarge Lake Coquitlam

I have my wife to thank for this article idea. I was asked by a local realtor to provide my insights on living in the tri-cities to a potential …

Risky Business (aka: The 2016 Market)


Risk is an amazing concept. We take risks every time we try and cross a busy street or decide where to invest our money. We also know that …

When the News Needs a Comment… They Call Us

See our latest article on News 1130.

Our Furnace Mistake

imgCache-GoodmanGMH85 500 0

They say a happy wife is a happy life and when it comes to home heating (and hot water)… that is certainly true. But in our case, it was not …



Lung cancer is the #1 cause of cancer death in both men and women. So it is no wonder health authorities take any cause of lung cancer very …

Home Risks by Decade


It has been on my wish list for years to write an article to help clients understand the benefits and risks of buying homes from the most …

Buying Piece of Mind

bigstock Happy Family At Home 5690951

A Home Inspection is an Education

We had a call the other day from a very upset woman. She recently moved into a home she purchased and she …

Happy New Year from Solid State Inspections


It’s 2016 - Happy New Year from the Whole team at Solid State Inspections!

2015 was a great year for Solid State Inspections. If there was …

Using ‘The Force’ In a Home Inspection

Luke Skywalker Home Inspection

If there is anything we have learned from George Lucas’ Star Wars, it is that there is a dark and a light side to everything.  Okay… that …

The Home Inspector Economist for 2016


When it comes to forecasting the future, there are typically three people you turn to: A Psychic, a Weatherperson, or an Economist. All three …

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