New Home Inspector Rules


Home Inspection has been a licensed business in BC for about 6 years now and it seems the BC Government is always up for a bit more tinkering with our industry.  As of September 1st, there are a few new regulatory changes for home inspections to follow which home inspection clients will notice such as:

  • No Limitations Clauses - Inspectors can no longer limit liability in our inspection contracts. The BC Government is publishing information for clients suggesting they have a 2-year window for a claim based on existing legal limitations in common law.
  • More Information in Contracts - Contracts now need to clearly articulate services performed, if mold or asbestos are included, date report it delivered, payment terms, and more.
  • Details in Reports - Inspectors need to include even more information in inspection reports from the current home address of the client to the business address of the inspector and every possible report detail in between.

One advantage of being members of the Home Inspectors Association (HIA) is that our association looks after us to make sure our contracts and reports will be compliant with the new regulations. Of course, Solid State Inspections will execute this better than anyone as part of our commitment to great customer service.

Up till now, a home inspection could be done with as little client information as a name and an email address. As we need to collect a lot of additional information, Solid State Inspections has invested in a really easy and automated 3-step booking system. All we need is a cell phone number of an email address when you call to book and the 3-step system will easily ask you for what we are required to collect to produce your inspection and report.

As always, if you need a home inspection, call us first and we will make it easy to book a great home inspection. Call anytime at 604-475-5115.

 By James Bell - Author | Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc