Using ‘The Force’ In a Home Inspection

Luke Skywalker Home Inspection

The Skywalker’s Family Home - Did it Get Inspected?

If there is anything we have learned from George Lucas’ Star Wars, it is that there is a dark and a light side to everything.  Okay… that concept might be a little older (basically since the first person observed day and night) but there are ‘forces’ at work in a home inspection and your home inspector is on the ‘light’ side of the force trying to protect you from the ‘dark’ side.

The 'Light’ Side

The ‘light’ side of the force helps inspectors see the ‘good’ in a house. Some things that make a ‘good’ house are:

  • Well maintained exterior with good paint and caulking details
  • Serviced mechanical equipment in good working order
  • Life safety equipment present and in good working order

The ‘Dark’ Side

One thing about the dark side of the force is it seems more powerful then the ‘light’ side but that power causes corruption. As a home inspector, I know the dark side is present when:

  • There are signs the house has been ‘flipped’ by people out to make a quick buck at the expense of quality
  • There are past signs of a grow-op in the house
  • The occupant of the home has allowed the home to fall into disrepair or neglected needed maintenance

Using ‘The Force’ In a Home Inspection

Unlike fallible Jedi who are at risk of succumbing to the dark side of the force, home inspectors are always on the light side of the force. During a home inspection, we will look at hundreds of items and dozens of systems to determine if what we see is ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and we will do what we can to protect clients from the dark side of the force.

In summary, if you are buying a home, don’t take your chances with an unreliable Jedi… always go into battle with a Home Inspector.

By James Bell - Author | Owner/Operator of Solid State Inspections Inc