Maple Ridge Home Inspection

Home Inspection Maple Ridge

We love doing Home Inspections in Maple Ridge. Maple Ridge has been a very popular sleeper community to Vancouver with many residents enjoying affordable houses within a commuting distance of jobs in Vancouver. With all this development the last few years, Maple Ridge requires specialized Home Inspectors as local experts to help buyers navigate the market.

House Inspections

Maple Ridge has a rich history with many early logging and river communities making up the municipality. As a result, there are many homes from 'old timer' to new. Unfortunately for Maple Ridge, there have been many 'Grow Op' houses in this municipality. Once a house has been used as a greenhouse for these pot farms, the structure of the house, leftover chemicals and organic growth can be very harmful to the next occupants. Our House Inspection system can help you make sure your home is safe and solid. Call us today to book an appointment.

Condo Inspections

Maple Ridge has not yet seen an explosion in high rise condo's but there have been many low rise developments including some from the 90's which may be subject to leaky condo concerns. No matter what age your condo is, our Home Inspectors are trained in both residential and commercial Condo Inspections and we are prepared to give you the best Maple Ride Condo Inspection advice. Call us today to book an appointment.

Townhouse Inspections

Maple Ridge has many townhouse developments and this is a fast growing segment of the market. A Townhouse Home Inspection from Solid State knows major expenses can happen in both the local unit and the strata as a whole and we will sample as much as possible in the development to help you understand your purchase. 

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